Airbnb Payment Rules

2.3 Payment Authorization. You authorize Airbnb Payments to charge your payment method (including billing for more than one payment method) directly or indirectly with all paid fees (including all applicable taxes) related to your Airbnb account. If you`re booking a longer getaway through Airbnb, it`s good to know that your payment and fees have a slightly different schedule. On Airbnb, long-term bookings are defined as stays longer than 28 nights. If you provide Host Services with one or more other Hosts as part of a team, business, or other organization (“Host Team”), Airbnb may provide those Hosts with the ability to distribute the entire Host Payment for a reservation among host Team members. Airbnb Payments will make these payments on the instructions of one or more members of the hosting team and will not be liable for any losses related to errors or omissions made by hosts in providing these payment instructions. Two days before a guest booking, Airbnb will set a ban on the amount of the deposit on your payment method. You will not be charged any fees, but you can also use this money only 14 days after departure when the holds are released. A payment plan is available for most offers, so you can make an initial deposit for your stay in advance, with subsequent payments charged on the date or dates indicated at checkout. If you decide not to participate in a payment plan, you will be charged the full balance of the reservation as soon as the host confirms your stay. After booking your property, Airbnb offers you two ways to pay: in payment or in installments.

Approximately 24 hours after check-in, Airbnb will release the payment to the host`s account or pay it according to their preferred payment method. Airbnb holds the money until then, so both the host and the guest have time to make sure things fit each of them. The guest has time to evaluate the property and the host has time to see that the guest is not causing any problems. Part of Airbnb`s success has been simplifying payment processes between host and guest. Neither party has to worry about getting paid or how those payments can be facilitated. 4.1 Each Host, including any member of the Host Team, hereby appoints airbnb Payments solely for the limited purpose of accepting and processing funds from Guests who purchase Host Services on behalf of the Host. 5.4.1 Airbnb Payments will take the necessary steps to correct payment processing errors of which we become aware. These steps may include credit or debit (as applicable) of the original withdrawal method or payment method you use or select so that you end up receiving or paying the correct amount. This can be done by Airbnb Payments or a third party such as your financial institution. We may also take steps to recover funds that have been sent to you in error (including, but not limited to, a case of duplicate payments that have been made to you due to a processing error) by reducing, clearing and/or debiting the amount of such funds from future withdrawals due to you.

3.6 Currency Conversion. Airbnb Payments will transfer your withdrawals in the currency of your choice via the Airbnb platform. Available currencies may be limited for regulatory or operational reasons depending on factors such as the withdrawal method you have chosen, your country of residence and/or your Airbnb subcontractor(s). These restrictions will be communicated via the Airbnb platform and you will be asked to choose a different currency or withdrawal method. Note that payment service providers may charge transactional, currency conversion or other fees depending on the currency or withdrawal method you choose, and Airbnb Payments is not responsible for such fees and disclaims all liability in this regard. If you`re booking outside of the U.S., you`ll find a list of other acceptable payment methods on Airbnb`s website. Any attempt to pay in cash, regardless of platform or offline, violates Airbnb`s Terms of Service and may result in your removal from the Site. Please provide payment information at the time you make a booking request.

Payments will be collected when the host accepts the customer`s reservation. At that time, the amount for the entire stay will be deducted from the card that the guest has deposited with Airbnb. Airbnb will retain this amount for up to 24 hours after the scheduled check-in time before the host is paid. .