A Contract for the Sale of Future Goods Is Called as

19 Where there is a contract for the sale of goods which are not certain, ownership of the goods is transferred to the buyer only once the goods have been identified. R.S., c. 408, p. 19. 60 (1) The rules of customary law, including the legal trader, continue to apply to contracts for the purchase of goods, unless they are inconsistent with the express provisions of this Act, in particular with the provisions relating to the law of the principal and representative and the effects of fraud, misrepresentation, coercion or coercion, error or other invalid reasons. (c) by use, if the use is likely to be binding on both Contracting Parties. Existing goods are goods that physically exist and belong to the seller at the time of the purchase contract. Existing goods can be divided into two categories: (3) If the seller provides the buyer with the goods it has ordered for sale, mixed with goods of another description that are not included in the contract, the buyer may accept the goods in conformity with the contract and reject the rest, or the buyer may reject the whole. 50 (1) If, after a contract of purchase, ownership of the goods is transferred to the buyer and the buyer does not do so unlawfully or if the buyer refuses to pay for the goods in accordance with the terms of the contract, the seller may bring an action against the buyer because of the price of the goods. 14 (1) If a purchase contract is subject to a condition to be fulfilled by the seller, the buyer may waive the condition or treat the breach of that condition as a breach of warranty and not as a reason for treating the contract as rejected. (b) an auction is concluded where the auctioneer announces its conclusion by the fall of the hammer or by any other usual means and, pending such announcement, any bidder may withdraw his bid; 16 Where there is a contract for the sale of goods by description, there is an implied condition that the goods conform to the description and, where the sale is made in accordance with both samples and descriptions, it is not sufficient that the majority of the goods conform to the sample if the goods do not also conform to the description. R.S., c.

408, p. 16. 9 If there is a contract for the sale of certain goods and the goods have died without the seller`s knowledge at the time of conclusion of the contract, the contract is void. R.S., c. 408, p. 9. (4) If the seller expressly reserves a right of resale in the event that the buyer is in default and the buyer resells the goods, the original purchase contract will be cancelled, without prejudice to any claim for damages from the seller. R.S., c. 408, p. 49.

(3) If, after the arrival of the goods at the intended destination, the carrier or another guarantor confirms to the buyer or his representative that he stores the goods in his name and remains in possession as guarantor for the buyer or his agent, the transit is terminated and it does not matter whether the buyer was able to indicate another destination for the goods. 2. This section applies to any such contract, notwithstanding the fact that the goods are to be delivered at a later date or that they cannot actually be manufactured, purchased or made available at the time of such a contract or that they may be appropriate or ready for delivery or that an action may be necessary to manufacture or supplement them or to make them fit for delivery. (2) The ability to buy and sell is governed by the general law on contractual capacity and by the transfer and acquisition of assets. (d) an auction may be notified that it is subject to a reserved or reverse price, and a right to bid may also be expressly reserved by or on behalf of the seller; 44 (1) An unpaid seller of the goods loses his lien or right of retention over the unpaid seller (2) Notification of the stop of carriage may be addressed either to the person who is actually in possession of the goods or to the principal of that person. 6 Subject to this Act and any law in force under that name, a contract of sale may be entered into in writing, with or without a seal, by word of mouth, partly in writing and in part by word of mouth or by the conduct of the parties, unless something in this section affects company law. R.S., c. 408, p. 6. 3. Notwithstanding paragraph 2, where consumer goods are sold and delivered to a person who is mentally incapacitated or intoxicated, that person shall pay a reasonable price for them.

(a) the consancendement, the port guarantee, the warehousekeeper`s certificate and the guarantee or order for the delivery of goods, and (2) if the sale or lease is carried out according to both the sample and the description, it is not sufficient that the majority of the goods correspond to the sample if the goods do not also correspond to the description. 5 A person is deemed to be in possession of property or property or property if the property or documents are in the effective custody of the person or are in the possession of another person under the control of the person, or in the name or name of the person. 50 Subject to this Act, the seller`s unpaid lien or the retention or interruption of carriage shall not be affected by the sale or other disposition of the goods by the buyer, unless the seller has consented thereto; except where an act of ownership of the goods has been lawfully transferred to a person as the purchaser or owner of the goods and that person transfers the deed to a person who receives the act in good faith and for pecuniary interest, 56 Where a contract of sale would give rise to a right, obligation or liability ipso jure, it may be negative or modified by express agreement, by the course of relations between the parties or by usage, if the use is such as to bind both contracting parties. R.S., c. 408, p. 56. 6. `industrial unit` means a unit of goods which, for commercial purposes, is a single whole for the purposes of sale and division which appreciably affects its character or value on the market or in use; A business unit may be a single item (in machine form) or a set of items (in the form of furniture or face) or a quantity (in the form of a bale, crude oil or wagon) or any other unit treated as a single assembly in use or on the relevant market.

25 (1) Unless otherwise agreed, the goods remain at the seller`s own risk until ownership of the goods is transferred to the buyer, but if ownership of the goods passes to the buyer, the goods are at the buyer`s own risk, whether or not delivery has been made. (3) In the event of a breach of the quality guarantee, such a loss corresponds prima facie to the difference between the value of the goods at the time of delivery to the buyer and the value they would have had if they had used the guarantee. 39 If the seller is willing and willing to deliver the goods and asks the buyer to accept delivery and the buyer does not accept delivery of the goods within a reasonable time after such a request, the buyer is liable to the seller for any loss caused by its negligence or refusal to deliver, as well as for a reasonable fee for the maintenance and preservation of the goods, if not in this section. affects the seller`s rights if the buyer`s failure or refusal to accept delivery amounts to termination of the contract. R.S., c. 408, p. 39. (b) “buyer” means a person who purchases goods or consents to the purchase; (2) Unless otherwise authorized by the Buyer, the Seller shall enter into a contract with the Carrier on behalf of the Buyer, which is appropriate having regard to the nature of the goods and the other circumstances of the case and, if the Seller fails to do so and the goods are lost or damaged during carriage, the Buyer may refuse, to treat the delivery to the carrier as a delivery to itself, or to hold the seller liable for damages. 53 (1) In any action for failure to perform with respect to the delivery of certain goods or evidenced goods, the court may, if it considers it appropriate, order, at the request of the plaintiff, by its judgment or decision, that the contract be performed in practice without giving the defendant the opportunity to withhold the property against payment of damages. Transfer of ownership of certain goods or detected goods (2) If the seller is required under the purchase contract to send the goods to the buyer, but no shipping time is set, the seller is obliged to ship them within a reasonable time.

17 Subject to this Act and any Act on its behalf, there is no implied warranty or condition as to the quality or suitability of the goods delivered under a contract of sale for a particular purpose, except as follows: (2) If an unpaid seller who has exercised his privilege or right of retention or suspension in transit, resells the goods, the buyer acquires the right ownership vis-à-vis the original buyer. .